I’m being promoted….HELP

October 19, 2015 Posted by Leadership 0 thoughts on “I’m being promoted….HELP”

Imagine for a moment that you’re a great individual contributor…you do a fantastic job.  You’ve been praised throughout your career for your performance, and you’ve moved up in the organization based on your technical skills.  Now you’re told you are going to be promoted to a leadership position.  It’s possible that some people on your team were your peers.  It’s also possible that you will now work for a new leader or in a new department.  The good news…. you get a raise and a bigger title.  The bad news… You’re on your own!

Now imagine, that during that promotion conversation you were provided with a leadership coach for one year…someone who would be with you for each and every part of the business cycle.  This would be someone who you would meet with on a confidential basis, and who would help you to develop or improve your leadership skills.  The coach would understand the pressures that you face, but would not be someone you report to, or even an employee of the organization.  This would be your own coach.  Do I hear a sigh of relief?

Not everyone who is promoted into a leadership position has the natural skills to be a leader.  That’s ok, but if you’re not provided with the support and tools to develop these skills, this can be a very frustrating time in your career.  It’s important to determine early in your leadership journey if you have the natural ability or if you need some guidance.  Asking for help is the sign of a good leader!

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