Coaching Through Organizational Change

Companies are changing and restructuring at lightening speed, and this change impacts leaders in many ways. Leaders find themselves in new roles where they may lead new teams, and report to a new boss. All of this change can cause stress to even the most experienced leaders. Coaching can help to create high-impact results during times of significant change.

Coaching during times of hange can help in the following ways:

  • Help to clarify the new role for the leader
  • Focus on driving necessary change
  • Address resistance to change and how to create a path forward
  • Inspiring and motivating new team members
  • Increase the confidence of the leader
  • Creating and communicating a compelling vision
  • Effective networking

Through one-on-one coaching, the leader can identify the points of stress for themselves and their teams, and work on strategies to inspire and drive productivity in their departments.

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