“Kathy, I want to thank you for successfully coaching me on my goal setting skills. Kathy has challenged me to redefine my relationship to my goals, sge exquisitely navigated my thought process and reframed my goal setting perspectives. Kathy’s passion actually leaps out during her coaching sessions, She was fair, authentic, and provided me with immense clarity. Her authenticity, integrity and witty sense of humor are something I enjoy working with and I welcome the opportunity to work with her again.”

Renu Mirchandani

“Kathy is energetic, passionate and highly motivating. She helped me to achieve a breakthrough that inspired a new insight into my own leadership journey. Her coaching style is warm, focused and supportive. She helped me to navigate my own limiting beliefs to achieve the next steps in my own business. Thank you Kathy!”

Nita Mohapatra, MBA

“In the 9 months that Kathy and I spent working together, I found her to be an excellent coach. I’ve had other professional coaches before and what made Kathy really stand out for me was the unique combination of her persistence to get to the heart of the matter, her challenging me to material action and her perfect timing in sharing some of her experiences with me.


Kathy really understood the challenges that I faced transitioning from a large centralized organization to a small decentralized one and was ab.le to share some of the challenges she had faces and some of the solutions that worked for her. Her reliability helped me to move the conversation forward and help create new options for improving the situation that I would have possible undervalued or would not have thought of without her. Kathy was also instrumental in driving a big shift for me with her challenges. She did warn me at the beginning that at some point she may challenge me with something that made me uncomfortable. Not surprisingly this was not an idle warning., and her challenge to me allowed me to consider and act on a direction that under another coach may not have come to life. I’m really pleased with the progress that I was able to make with Kathy’s support. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Kathy to others in ay phase of their career and with any size of an organization as a highly effective coach.”

Nola Martin